Wednesday, 30 April 2008

WTSIM... Breakfast... And I think it's a Zebra!

I don't usually blog breakfast - mostly because it's usually fruit and yoghurt... but also because it's my least adventurous meal of the day - even when I do cook! A cooked breakfast is bacon and egg muffins, smoked salmon bagels or mushroom & tomato toast. Now, when I saw these zebra tomatoes for sale yesterday I had to have them and as I have dinner plans for the next few days, I decided to do some mid-week brekkie cooking!

Zebra Tomatoes - how pretty!

Excuse the rubbishness of my photos in this post - it was pouring with rain outside, which was giving off that horrible light which is too dark for taking naturally lit shots, but makes the flash seem... well... a bit odd really! (Can you tell I'm not a photographer?? ;)

Anyway, while catching up on my blog reading I saw that Waiter... There's Something In My... event is breakfasts this month. It must be fate - the only time I've had breakfast food waiting to be blogged about!

Now, this isn't the most exciting recipe in the world - but it is super tasty - and good for you too. I use quite a bit of garlic - so maybe not one to try if you have a lunchtime date ;)

Tomatoes and Mushrooms on Toast

Quantities are approximate and per person!

  • 6 cherry tomatoes
  • 6-9 decent sized chestnut mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed (!)
  • 1/2 tsp of mixed italian herbs or oregano
  • 1 thick slice of bread - granary or chewy brown are always my favourite - I'd skip white bread for this one!
  • Olive oil
  • Loads of freshly ground black pepper
  • sea salt
Prepare the garlic...
Smoosh up the garlic with a good pinch of sea salt per person, a glug of olive oil and a bit of black pepper.

Prepare the tomatoes...
Cut out the eye of each tomato and place onto grill rack (I used a top heat grill - alternatively, you could roast them!)
Push a little bit of the garlic mixture into each tomato - you should probably have about half the garlic mixture left.

Place under a medium grill for at least 15 minutes.

Prepare the mushrooms...
Heat a glug of olive oil to a low heat in a frying pan. Add the sliced mushrooms and cook slowly until they start to release their juices (probably 10-15 minutes). Add the rest of the garlic mixture, the Italian herbs, a decent pinch of salt, and a load of freshly ground black pepper. Turn up the heat and sauté until the liquid has gone.

Put it together!
Toast and butter your slice of bread, then gently scoop up the tomatoes and place along side. Top with the mushroom, a drizzle of olive oil and some parsley if you have it (I didn't this time).

Enjoy with a strong mug of coffee - didn't you know coffee helps garlic breath??

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow, those tomatoes look awesome!!! Yum! Nice breakfast!

thepassionatecook said...

your zebra tomatoes look amazing... i've never seen these before! and give me mushrooms on some toasted bread any time... i love the idea of baking the tomatoes with garlic, a beatuful treat! thanks for taking part in WTSIM!

Ben said...

Oh they look delicious! That was a really appetizing breakfast.

Peter M said...

Kittie, the tomatoes are sexy but I'd have this as an really went adventuresome with mushrooms for brekkie, did ya?

Lisa said...

Anything with mushrooms is exciting if you ask me! And your pictures turned out just fine. A perfectly satisfying and delicious breakfast I am sure.

Jen said...

I've never seen zebra tomatoes before either- do you know where they are grown?

P.S. Great new look for the blog--

giz said...

The tomatoes are so cute, I wouldn't want to eat them. I love the combination of tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic.

kittie said...

jenndz - thanks! They tasted pretty good too - different from normal cherry toms, though I can't quite put my finger on it...

tpc - neither had I, but I'll be looking out for them again. Strangely they were in the tiny Turkish shop near my flat - not where you'd expect!

Thanks Ben - it's one of my favourites!

Peter - great idea to make this an appetiser - would need to be seriously scaled down though ;)

Lisa - mushrooms would definitely be one of my desert island foods!

Thanks Jen! I just looked them up - it looks like they're Black Zebras - you also get green and red (I think the black are the prettiest!) They are Heirloom tomatoes, and from what I can work out, they seem to have originated in Russia ot the Ukraine!

Giz - embarrassing confession time - I actually saved two and have them sat in a pretty bowl on the window ledge ;)

kittie said...

Jen - Typically as I posted my last comment I noticed a site that told me they are they are a natural cross between a black tomato (Russian) and a Green Zebra (American).

So now we know!

Psychgrad said...

To think that most people go through life with only green or red tomatoes. I have a new mission: find Zebra tomatoes.

Arundathi said...

the mushrooms on toast look scrumptious! never seen zebra tomatoes before - how lovely!