Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Snow! And A Mini-Mission Statement!

Look what we got at the weekend!

Snow in April! Snow in the South East of England is rare enough ;) There was a lot more than this photo portrays - I didn't make it outside early enough to get a decent picture of the good stuff - and my back garden is pretty sheltered! People were making snowmen on the beach and everything! But it only lasted a day - by evening most of it had melted away...

Oh, hang on, I took one out of my window too! Just using my phone camera though, so excuse the quality!

Like my garden? Or the bit you can see from my bedroom anyway!

Anyway, less about the snow - and more about my mini-mission statement!

I generally cook every day - and almost always decide what to cook at work, go to the fishmongers/butchers/greengrocers on the way home or at lunch and buy what I need. This is very different from when I was a commuter and didn't live in a place where I could get my hands on fresh produce quite so easily. I got into the habit of doing a big shop every week or two - and just stopping to buy some veg, bread and milk occasionally to keep us going! Unfortunately I haven't quite shaken the habit of buying more than I need - but it seldom gets used, because I now shop daily.

So my mini-mission is to use up all the stuff in my freezer and cupboards. Currently I don't have space in my freezer to store leftovers - because it's taken up by stuff that I never get round to using! And my cupboards are overflowing - my kitchen isn't big enough to hold so much surplus!

So I have taken an inventory of my kitchen contents, and I now plan to see how long I can last on my store cupboard supplies.

I have decided on some exceptions:
  • I am not going to include breakfast in this as I pretty much always have fruit and yogurt - which is generally better fresh ;)
  • And I will buy fresh fruit and veg if I need it- I would prefer to avoid scurvy!
  • This won't stop me eating out!
  • And finally if I need one or two items to make up a recipe, I won't be militant - just so long as the bulk of the meal is from my list!
So wish me luck, and check back soon to see my store cupboard meals!

Any suggestions appreciated :)

Looking forward to a decluttered kitchen!

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Mike of Mike's Table said...

This is a laudable goal and I wish you the best of luck! Definitely a challenging one though. Funny how the things that have been sitting around and are still perfectly fine for use just become less interesting or appealing to use. I have a bunch of stuff from when I didn't really cook at the same level that I do now, so now I look at it and just question when I would ever even consider using it. I'll be curious to see what you come up with...I could probably afford to do something similar.

ley said...

Yay! Snow!! I actually think the camera-phone picture was really good. Sometimes my phone surprises me like that and captures a clear one. Other times...not so much.

Good luck with the "pantry raid" goal! I get like that whenever I stay at my parents' house. They have LOADS of randomness in their fridge/freezer/pantry, and it's like a treasure hunt for me! lol.

giz said...

Now you know what it's like to feel Canadian - eh!!! :)

Heather said...

Wow, lady, you've been busily blogging whilst I thought you were only a reader! Sorry to have missed out. :P

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