Monday, 21 April 2008

Store Cupboard Chronicles: week 2

Yay - this week's store cupboard eating was somewhat more of a success! I've run down loads of my tins and grains... even though I did cheat yesterday and buy a beef joint for roasting... Well, it was incredibly well priced sirloin joint - 2.2 kilos for £10!!! How could a girl say no! So this week, expect to see at least a few recipes featuring roast beef leftovers...

My other main challenge for the last week has been trying to sort my blog template out. It's been a mission, and yesterday I noticed that my existing template has become corrupted by my attempts. So I'm going to have to bite the bullet and set to work - if you visit over the next couple of days, be prepared for random widgets appearing and disappearing! But hopefully by next week I'll be sorted :)

Store Cupboard Chronicles Week 2

Monday, Day 9

Tuesday, Day 10
Wednesday, Day 11
Thursday, Day 12
Friday, Day 13
Saturday, Day 14
  • lunch - Pita bread with hummus
  • dinner - Had dinner with friends - chili con carne - yum!
Sunday, Day 15

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