Monday, 14 April 2008

Store Cupboard Chronicles: week 1

Well, I'm not sure if last week's store cupboard eating was a success or not! I managed not to buy any ingredients (except a bunch of spinach and fruit...) but have barely made a dent in my stocks. At this rate I will be store cupboard eating for weeks. In the event of nuclear warfare, everyone to mine - I will be able to support the rebuilding of the human race.

Now, the real reason I have not made much of a reduction in my stocks is because I ate out most days last week. So I have decided that this week I am going to try to eat dinner at home every day, and to take lunch to work with me. Apart from Thursday as I am going to a gig in London and have to leave straight from work...

Wish me luck!

Store Cupboard Chronicles

Sunday, Day 1
Monday, Day 2
  • lunch - ramen soup
  • dinner - Kraft mac n' cheese (Don't judge me - I'd just got home from the pub! And it was fab ;))
Tuesday, Day 3
Wednesday, Day 4
Thursday, Day 5
  • lunch - ramen soup
  • dinner - ate out at Circus Circus (Chicken Pad Phet Chu Chi and steamed rice!)
Friday, Day 6
  • lunch - ate out at Las Iguanas (shared a selection of tapas with a friend)
  • dinner - A friend cooked dinner for me (Stuffed chicken breasts with salad and potatoes)
Saturday, Day 7
  • lunch - beans on toast
  • dinner - pasta and pesto
Sunday, Day 8

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giz said...

It's really quite amazing how many meals we can really make when there's really nothing left in the house to eat. I was in a similar situation this weekend - my son asked if I could help cater a small event for 200 people. I opened my freezer and found enough baked goods for 200 plus. Crazy.