Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Chilli Lime Mango!

I found this post by Kavs at The Girl Next Door yesterday, and was immediately interested!

Chilli... for desert!?? That's my kinda dish! And yay - I had all the ingredients to hand!

Mango with a Chilli Lime Kick!

I've departed slightly from the recipe - my mango was pretty ripe - so I diced it and squeezed a bit of lime juice of the pieces.

Then I mulched up half of a deseeded, finely chopped chilli with the zets of a lime and a tbsp of brown sugar.

Sprinkled it over the top, gave it a quick mix - bish bash bosh, job's a good un!

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Gay Carrillo said...

I'm going to try this one, too. Mangoes are in season now!

Kavs said...

Glad ur were inspired!
I'm in mango delirium at the mo, thx to experimenting for the joust...

Mike of Mike's Table said...

That's a very interesting way to do dessert! I've wanted to try my hand at some "spicy" desserts as of late and this looks like a great and simple way to do it. Yum!