Wednesday, 30 July 2008

T&T: What's For Lunch, Honey? Zucchine and Lemon Spaghetti, that's what!

As you may have guessed from the title, this is my contribution to the monthly Tried and Tested event from Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen. The event showcases a different blog every month, and invites participants to create and blog one or more dishes from that blog.

The first time I took part was for Tastes Like Home - a blog that was new to me (though very familiar now!). This time, the nominated blog is What's for Lunch, Honey? - one of the very first blogs I ever subscribed to!

It was so hard to choose what to make - in the end I narrowed it down to gnocchi with garlic sage butter (I have tried to make gnocchi several times... but consistently failed. They either come out as bullets... or weird clouds of soggy mashed potato... nice!!) or veal vilanese - a kind of veal schnitzel with parmesan, yum!

But I had only tonight left to make and blog my dish - and after spending all last night madly preparing for the Royal Foodie Joust, I really need a more relaxed dinner tonight! Which - after my problematic previous endeavours - puts gnocchi out of the picture! And then I couldn't get a hold of veal!

In the end, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise... I went back to the archives and found this gorgeous summer pasta dish...

Spaghetti with Courgettes (Zucchini!) and Lemon!

Courgettes are plentiful right now, and I had lemons in the fridge! I followed the recipe almost exactly as written - though I used half green and half yellow courgette. and my sage in my herb garden has gone!!! I have no idea where. Come to think of it, I haven't seen it for a while - I think it might have been swamped by the rosemary and oregano! So instead, I substituted greek oregano - which I think worked very nicely. I will be making this again - and I'll replant my sage first!

Find Meeta's orginal recipe here! Thanks for a great recipe Meeta!

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Peter M said...

I thought it meant TNT, you're the the AC/DC song!

The pasta looks fab for summer and you're photos are improving, Kittie!

Ben said...

I love zucchini, I love pasta, therefore I love you, too. LOL Yummies, that looks amazingly good.

Neen said...

It looks lovely, and more summer appropriate than either the gnocchi or the veal. That said, I do hope that you try again at making gnocchi... and succeed! Making gnocchi from scratch is one of my food phobias (My Mom tried to make them from scratch once, and it was once of the most painful family dinners of all time. Yes Mom, they're So it would be so lovely to see you conquer it, it might even convince me to give it a shot!

Meeta said...

Lovely idea to use greek oregano. Looks really great. For the gnocchis if you are up to it anytime soom we can get together and do it together via Google chat. Making them is really not as bad as they are reputed to be!

Dee said...

Will you make the veal next? Please. The pasta looks great, but I'm all pasta-ed out at the mo.

Hey, I bought the ingredients for the corned beef, but nary a juniper berry was in sight. Will nevertheless plough on valiantly. Wish me luck.

Beth said...

Ive just bought some yellow courgettes from the farmers market - cant get them in my supermarket or greengrocers! I love mising green and yellow courgettes meakes dishes more interesting and colourful. This dish is lovely and summery. Yum

kittie said...

Not quite - one of my few chilli-free dishes Peter ;) I've decided to try to work on my photography - I've got a good camera, but no idea how to use it atm...

You'd have loved me (and meeta ;) even more if you'd have tasted it Ben!

Neen - it was very fitting for the beautiful day we were having - but I definitely want to try the other two!

Thanks Meeta - that would be amazing - I'll be in touch. (Mashed potato and flour covered laptop springing to mind ;)

Just as soon as I find some Dee! Good luck with the corned beef... I wonder if adding a couple of shots of gin to the brine would work instead of juniper berries?!!

Beth - my dad used to grow green and yellow courgettes - I love how pretty they make ratatouille look!

Kevin said...

That looks nice and fresh and summery and good!

zlamushka said...

Kittie, great contribution to T&T, thanks. The fresh leaf experiments are fantastic.

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Haley said...

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