Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A Rant....

Right, so I have been trying to redesign my blog for the last week or two.

And it is driving me batty!

I finally worked out that if I create a test blog I can play around with layouts etc without affecting anything important. I got it looking pretty close... then when I tested it with my real blog all the widgets were in the wrong place. Or had the wrong content. Or just weren't there at all!!!

I don't understand, it's driving me up the wall, and I think KITK might just have to stay the way it is.


< end rant >

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Pixie said...

I've been attempting to redesign my blog as well- it's such hard work isn't it. Just starting to learn a bit more but keep saving first; good idea with a test site first.

Mike of Mike's Table said...

I've also had a redesign on my mind, but knowing what a hassle it is bound to be, I usually find something else that needs my attention, lol!

giz said...

Listening to you guys makes me realize that I should just leave design and redesign to the experts. I still have to use cheat notes to create html. I think I need a 6 yr old to help me.