Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Me and Food, Food and Meme!

Yay, another meme! Is it sad that I get really excited when I get tagged by someone who's blog I love?!? Today, I was tagged by Deborah from What's in My Kitchen to tell you 7 facts about me and food! (If you haven't already, go check out her blog - she has a great writing style, and amazing recipes!)

7 Things you didn't realise you needed to know about me and food

  1. I'm allergic to bananas. This only developed about 6 years ago, but now the slightest hint of a banana in a smoothie can make me pretty sick. I'm thinking about trying to rehabilitate myself - because I love banoffee pie - but not quite sure that it's possible :(
  2. I have a phobia of peas. They are small, green and evil. Bleurgh. And go pop when I bite into them.... Though I am attempting to get over this too!
  3. I adore sushi - but I don't really know how to eat it... So I usually get it take away, then eat it privately... with my fingers... How embarrassing!
  4. I think I may well be addicted to chillies. I always had a tendency towards hot food - but since I started seeing Boyfriend, I seem to eat something spicy pretty much every day. At least once!
  5. Not so much about food - but I have a thing about the number three, and generally do things in multiples of 3. So, instead of adding 2 tablespoons of sugar to a dish, I'll add 3 two-thirds tablespoons. My alarm clock is set for 0727, and the volume on the car is a mark 9. And I just realised how crazy that sounds...
  6. I have a dirty, secret liking for completely rubbish foodstuffs. Once a year or so, I'll get a Macdonalds when out shopping. I stock up on Kraft mac & cheese when I visit home (They don't sell it in England. Can't imagine why... ;) it's perfect hangover food!
  7. Only two people who I know in real life, know that I write this blog - and neither read it!!

Right, now to tag some other peeps to try to keep this going!

I hope you enjoyed the random trivia - now I need to get back to the serious business of planning what to cook for tonight's girlie night!

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Gay Carrillo said...

Got your tag. I'm working on it! :)


Aleja said...

Horray for Kraft mac & cheese!

Have you tried the white cheddar? I am totally addicted to it :)

kittie said...

No - and I feel the lack of it!

Kraft mac and cheese is called Cheesey Pasta in the UK (well, Scotland at least!) and it's the only type we get :(