Thursday, 21 February 2008

Girls Night In!

Last night I had the girls round. Us getting together is supposed to be a weekly occurrence - but this was the first time I'd really seen a couple of them this year. One girl pulled out at the last minute - and another had the audacity to be in Sydney when I was cooking!

So in the end it was just the four of us - but I still made enough of my roast chicken and balsamic caramelised onion risotto for six... And there was barely a spoonful left this morning, when I finally got round to the dishes! YUM!

We were pretty stuffed after that (queue conversation about how rice swells once in your belly - so you keep getting fuller and fuller way after you've finished!) but still managed a decent effort against the Curly Wurly cookies I had made just before they arrived!

I think we still got through as many bottles of wine as if there had been six of us - which is why I think one of my glasses ended up like this!

A good night all in!

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