Thursday, 7 February 2008

Italian Cookery Course: Week 3

Well, in a very roundabout way, I have finally managed to share a couple of the recipes that I have been making in my Italian cookery course!

I started the course last month - and my fourth one should have been tonight. As my dad is down visiting, I am going to miss the class tonight, but hope to be able to attempt the recipes myself over the weekend.

My class is at a nearby college, and is taught by Francis Adou, a French chef with experience of cooking in many different regions.

So far we have made chicken thighs stuffed with apricots and rolled with parma ham; rump of lamb with porcini; osso buco; and tonight will be salmon - so a good rounded selection!

Each class involves the preparation (and usually eating ;) of two dishes. In week three these were:

followed by:

Absolutely delicious - give them a go!

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