Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Quick Freezer Snack: Gyozas with Spicy Sauce!

I got home from the pub the other day, desperately wanting to snack, but with nowt a thing t' eat. My store cupboard challenge had gone well... too well... superfluous food stocks at an all time low.

I suddenly recalled some vegetable gyozas I found in my freezer during the aforesaid challenge, spicy and healthy* - perfect! I simply heated a teeny spot of nut oil in a hot frying pan and placed the gyoza in, straight from the freezer, flat side down. After a couple of minutes add half a cup of water, cover and allow to steam for another couple of minutes, or until all the water has gone.

The spicy sauce to go with it was another store cupboard knock up: add a couple of tablespoons of sambal brandal to a couple of tablespoons light soy sauce. Squeeze in the juice of half a lime, mix together and you're set to eat.

Time from pub to belly? 7 minutes!

* healthy as compared with my friend's snack...

... chips and curry sauce from across the wee Chinese place across the road! Ok, I confess, I had more than a couple of chips... it would have been rude not to with a plate that size... and damn they were good!!!

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Mike of Mike's Table said...

7 minutes is tough to compete with! So I'm impressed--is the cupboard challenge still going on?

glamah16 said...

Id would eat both of those snacks and not care about the consequences!

lcsa99 said...

Those sound great!

btw, you've been given an award. Congratulations :)

Deborah said...


Hey Kittie, give me an email - whatsinmykitchenATgmailDOTcom. We're doing a cookbook review and we'd love you to take part. :)

Heather said...


I love gyoza, but fries with curry gravy is making my toes curl very suggestively. ;)

kittie said...

Mike - not quite, I figured I'd ran my stocks down low enough - I managed a month though! But I'm doing to try to make sure I don't build them up so ridiculously again!

glamah16 - That's pretty much what happened... It was a monstrous plate of fries!

Icsa99 - Thank you so much - I'm honoured!

deborah - email sent!

heather - I didn't start to eat fries until I was about 17 - and this was one of the reasons I got over my previous dislike!

diva said...

some people have a penchant for chips & curry..i find that a little weird, no offense!
anyway, absolutely loove gyoza. they're so good and tasty! i love dipping mine in soy sauce flavoured with ginger strips.

magi said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life