Wednesday, 23 January 2008

To pok, bok, pak or bak...? That is the question...

Pok choi, bok choy, bak choi, pak choi.... I have come to the conclusion they may actually all be the same thing! I used to think that bok choi was the small version, and pok choi was the fully grown vegetable - but after a somewhat confusing trip to the greengrocers yesterday I have reconsidered! It looks like a cross between celery and spinach - though is actually from the cabbage family. If anyone can shed any light on the matter, please do!

What ever it's called, I used the fully grown version for this duck dish - and it tasted great.

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Lizzie said...

This post was a while ago, but I thought I might shed some light...!

bok/pak/pok choi are all the same. It's Cantonese for 'white vegetable', as the stems are white.

kittie said...

Hey Lizzie! Thanks for the info - it all makes sense now!