Thursday, 31 January 2008

Sri Lankan Workshop

At the weekend I attended a Sri Lankan cookery workshop - run at the same place where I take my Italian cookery lessons. (Which I know I have yet to blog about - but don't worry, it will happen, this week we're making Osso Buco!)

The tutor was Martyn Grover, Head of Department at a nearby College, and it is his recipes I have recreated here.

The whole morning was very enjoyable (despite the fact I almost didn't make it following a slight overindulgence the night before at a dinner party...) The pace was laid back, and there were lots of opportunities to chat with fellow foodies, and to hear stories from when Martyn lived in Sri Lanka. The dishes were all very simple, and straightforward to prepare... but the flavours certainly packed a punch!

We got to make 3 dishes:

I loved them all, and could hardly wait to go home and scoff it all! Rather bizarrely, coconut falls into Boyfriend's cream&cheese loathing, so I got to eat it all to myself! :)

Unfortunately I have to cancel my Lebanese course with Martyn, but I will definitely be signing up for some more. Watch this space!

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Deborah said...

I'm so jealous of your cooking classes! I've looked for a few around here, but they're either way to expensive, or don't seem worth paying the money for ("Southern Cooking 101"??? I live in Alabama. I know about it. Move on.)

I love osso buco. I hope you share your recipe for it!

kittie said...

Deborah, I know what you mean! Luckily I have a very good college nearby which offers a really good selection without charging the earth :)

Osso Buco was gorgeous - recipe to follow soon!