Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Move over Catwoman... Introducing Super Kittie!

I got to work this morning, and my slim grasp on motivation vanished when I saw Ley from Cilantro and Lime's post about a Hero Generator. Check out her effort here!

So anyway, I've spent a wee bit of time creating my hero - and I present you with... Super Kittie!

Ok, so that's a rubbish name - but I thought I had wasted enough time on this so far this morning ;)

Anyway, just to prove I am actually a super hero, check out how I save the world - one peanut butter and jelly sandwich at a time!

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ley said...

Ahahah! I LOVE IT! Isn't it a fabulously entertaining way to waste time? that Where did you find the camera?? I looked all over for one! Jeez. That must mean you're a better superhero than me. ;)

kittie said...

A work mate emailed me at one point "I could see you building your superhero all the way across the office" - oops ;)

Camera is either left or right handed, under misc, right along at the right hand side!

Maybe not super-hero, just super-accessoriser ;)

ley said...

Haha, I hope it didn't get you in trouble!

Huh. I don't know how I missed that? Lord. lol. Thanks!

kittie said...

It was worth it ;)