Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Taste & Create: Buttermilk biscuits... or scones!

Hello! Happy Easter! I'm back!!!

I actually started this post on the 20th March at 11:47, then decided to finish it over the Easter long weekend... However it was not to be and I ended up achieving exactly ZERO over the whole holiday. Well except a fair amount of whinging... it's fair to say I am not very good at being sick - I may well have had man-flu ;)

I missed Monday's deadline for Taste and Create - but Nicole was lovely and understanding, so here's my entry for this month!

Nicole's blog made for enjoyable browsing - For The Love Of Food. Although it has been in my subscription list since I discovered food blogging in January, it was great to have an excuse to peruse through the archives.

My initial temptation was to make a homemade pizza - something I really don't make enough of... but adore! Specifically the Wing-less Buffalo Pizza with Feta - which is soooo on my to-make list. But I was already making my Berber Pizza for the Pizza Blog Party - and thought that two pizzas in two days may be a little too much (for my waistline if not my appetite!). Another one that was high up on the list was the Tortilla Lasagne - great idea Nicole!

But in the end I opted for the Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits - mainly because I've never made anything like that before (I have been facing my baking fears recently - I think this was my most successful venture!). It was almost aborted - firstly because I couldn't find any buttermilk (not such a common ingredient in the UK, but I finally found some in Sainsburies!) and secondly, when I ran out of flour half way through. But there was enough in my flour shaker to make up the quantities - yay!

See Nicole's recipe here!

This was a great recipe - very easy to follow - and I think it took me about half an hour from starting to getting them out the oven... and about the same length of time for me and two girlfriends to polish them all off! They were flakey and buttery, and gorgeous straight from the oven - I didn't get a chance to try them cold - but I'll let you know next time!

I followed the recipe pretty much as is - except I made the dough in a food processor - pulsing it to get the pea-sized butter lumps, then a couple of times more to mix in the buttermilk. Finally I turned it out onto the floured work surface and continued with the recipe.

Thank you Nicole - I will be making these again!

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Aleja said...

That's pretty funny. I have been eyeing that recipe for a while, might actually make it tonight.

So glad it turned out so well for you! Was it fun to beat them? :)

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Looks like they came out great, nice work! And I couldn't imagine not having buttermilk--that would be a tough one if I couldn't find it!

kittie said...

Aleja - I can't believe I forgot to put that in! Yes - part of the reason I chose to make them was so I could take some stress out on the dough!

Mike - I'm glad I've found a supermarket here that sells it, as I have a few things I want to try out with it in!

Jen said...

Biscuits are one of my favorite things ever but I rarely make them... something that's sort of typical here in the States is to split a hot biscuit in half and spread on a bit of butter and a drizzle of honey- I thought it was strange the first time I heard of it, but it's actually delicious.