Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The British 100...

I've been a helluva busy this week, and feeling a bit under the weather, so I'm a bit short on posts. Scratch that - I have loads of posts... but neither the time or energy to write them up properly! I hope to have a proper food post to you tomorrow or the next day - watch this space...

So in the meantime - just so you know I haven't forgotten you, here is the my British 100, as compiled by Helen of Food Stories...

And here's the rules...

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Link back to Food Stories, if you would be so kind.

1. Grey squirrel
2. Steak and kidney pie
3. Bubble and squeak
4. Spotted dick
5. Hot cross buns
6. Laver bread
7. Toad in the hole
8. Shepherds pie AND cottage pie
9. Scotch egg
10. Parkin
11. Welsh rarebit
12. Jellied eels
13. Stilton
14. Marmite
15. Ploughman’s lunch
16. Cucumber sandwiches
17. Coronation chicken
18. Gloucester old spot (but not a whole one ;)
19. Cornish pasty
20. Samphire
21. Mince pies
22. Winkles
23. Salad cream
24. Malt loaf
25. Haggis
26. Beans on toast
27. Cornish clotted cream tea
28. Pickled egg (bleurgh! But y'know, never say never ;)
29. Pork scratchings
30. Pork pie
31. Black pudding
32. Patum Peperium or Gentleman’s relish
33. Earl grey tea
34. Elvers - would love to try, even though they look well weird!!
35. HP Sauce - but of course! Especially with square sausage...
36. Potted shrimps
37. Stinking bishop - yum!
38. Elderflower cordial
39. Pea and ham soup
40. Aberdeen Angus Beef
41. Lemon posset - my granny used to make me this when I was ill!
42. Guinness
43. Cumberland sausage
44. Native oysters - I know - shocking, isn't it!
45. A ‘full English’ - and a full Scottish!
46. Cockles
47. Faggots
48. Eccles cake
49. Potted Cromer crab
50. Trifle
51. Stargazy pie
52. English mustard
53. Christmas pudding
54. Cullen skink - and a recipe will be coming soon!
55. Liver and bacon with onions
56. Wood pigeon
57. Branston pickle
58. Oxtail soup
59. Piccalilli
66. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (with gravy)
67. Pickled onions - I love drinking the pickled onion vinegar - does that make me weird?
68. Cock-a-leekie soup
69. Rabbit and Hare
70. Bread sauce
71. Cauliflower cheese
72. Crumpets
73. Rice pudding
74. Bread and butter pudding
75. Bakewell tart
76. Kendall mint cake
77. Summer pudding
78. Lancashire hot pot
79. Beef Wellington
80. Eton mess
81. Neeps and tatties
82. Pimms
83. Scampi
84. Mint sauce
85. English strawberries and cream
86. Isle of Wight garlic
87. Mutton
88. Deep fried whitebait with tartare sauce
89. Angels on horseback
90. Omelette Arnold Bennett - I really must make this sometime!
91. Devilled kidneys
92. Partridge and pheasant
93. Stew and dumplings
94. Arbroath smokies
95. Oyster loaves
96. Sloe gin
97. Damson jam
98. Soda bread
99. Quince jelly
100. Afternoon tea at the Ritz

Ok, so I got 78 out of 100 - better than my VGT score!

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Dharm said...

These are SOO British arent they??!! I've had quite a few of them but there are others that I've never even heard of...

Bellini Valli said...

I love pickled onion sandwiches....what does that say about me:D

glamah16 said...

Is that really grey squirel? I want to try some Spotted Dick. Insert Beavis and Butthead laugh here. Actually they sell it in a can here. One day I will put some in my basket and hope they dont have to yell for a price check.

glamah16 said...

BTW, feel better.

Helen said...

yay! I'm so glad you did the list! I also love the pickled onion vinegar and I love them in sandwiches! Can't wait for your cullen skink recipe.

Núria said...

There's so many things in the list that I don't know what they mean!!

Take it easy, relax and have a cup of tea at the Ritz ;D

Maria said...

What a fun list!

kittie said...

Hey Dharm - very British! I was thinking about writing a Scottish version ;)

Val - pickled onion sandwiches? Oooo - that's a new one to me!

Coco - I had only heard of grey squirrel eating through Helen's blog... Maybe not my top choice - but I guess I'll try pretty much anything ;)

Thanks for compiling the list Helen!

I had to look up a couple too Nuria!

Thanks Maria! You should have a go so we can see the Utah experience of British foods ;)

FoodJunkie said...

I just finished reading TOAST, Nigel Slater's biography. Each chapter has the name of a dish or food item, most of them very english...similar to the list really. it's a great read, you should give it a go if you haven't already!

Adam said...

78? Not shabby at all. Is shabby an British word? It might be. I love some of the British words for their food, I especially chuckled at winkles :)

kittie said...

Hey foodjunkie! Haven't read that one - but just finished the kitchen diaries - which is a lovely book too! I'll look out for it!

Adam - because I'm a geek I had to look it up apparently shabby is a middle english* word... first recorded in 1749 ;)

* sounds like something from Lord of the Rings!

Dee said...

Ooh, you beat me again :)

Hey, have you read The Land That Thyme Forgot? It traces so many of the dishes on the list.

Is it just me, or would you also feel odd about ordering a Faggot from a caff?

Mary Rex said...

I would love to know what most of these things are! Being an American, I have eaten only a few, and in fact made bubble & squeak last week. Is there some place to find out about these typical Brit dishes?

kittie said...

Hey dee - I've got that on my amazon wishlist! And, yes, I think I would feel just a tad self-concious placing that kind of order ;)

Hi mary rex! It's great you want to find out more! Here is one a great website for British food. Or the wikipedia article makes pretty interesting intro too!

Mary Rex said...

Thanks Kittie :) I will have to add the British food site to my faves. By the way, I thought my mum invented beans on toast...and here it is on the list.